Flamenco guitars are built with less internal bracing and with thinner tops than classical guitars, which produces a brighter and more percussive sound quality.

The Flamenco guitar was born in Andalusia, Spain in the early to middle 1800's. Both the structural design and the unique playing techniques allowed this guitar to add to the flamenco and not be drowned out by the dancer's thundering feet. The body is made with sheesham on sides & back; in a matte finish. The soundboard is spruce. The neck is sheesham with a sheesham finger board. The frets are nickel/steel, there are 19 frets on the neck. The tuners are classical gold 3X3 plank. The bridge has a sheesham base with lacewood top. Nut and saddle are bone. It has one soundhole in the center of soundboard which is surrounded by an inlaid classical rosette. The string scale is 25.4-inches. Does not come with a case.

Suggested tuning is: EADGB.

Important Specification:

Body/Bowl: 19 inches in length, 4 inches in height and 14.5 inches width

Neck at Nut: 2.1 inches in width

Neck at Body Joint: 2.35 inches in width

Nut: 2.1 inches in width (bone)

Strings at the Nut: 1.8 inches in width

Strings at the Bridge: 2.4 inches in width

Scale Length:25.4 inches (645.2mm)


Special note on strings

There is no warranty on strings. Manufacturers recommend that you change the strings every 3-4 months. It is always a good idea to keep an extra set of stings to replace any that may break. You should always wipe down your strings with a clean dry cloth after use. If you store your instrument, you should consider changing the strings when you pick it up again.


Weight & Size

Item Weight: 3.4 lbs.
Item Length: 19 Inches
Item Height: 4 Inches
Item Width: 14.5 Inches
Origin: PK
UPC: 844731064517
Packed Weight: 15 lbs.
Ship Weight: 46 lbs.
Ship Length: 44 Inches
Ship Height: 13 Inches
Ship Width: 18 Inches