Known for his ability to play melody, bass and rhythm simultaneously, Kevin Spears through his unique fusion of folk, world, rock and electronic music has created the Kevin Spears Pro Kalimba to meet and exceed the highest of musical possibilities through this seemingly simple instrument. Includes two batteries.

Innovative features built into the Kevin Spears Pro Kalimba include:

electric pickup, preamp, built-in eq and volume control for amplification, utilizing guitar pedals, sound effects, looping, etc.

  • 23 key expanded layout for greater tonal choices and possibilities
  • Tunable to any key or scale
  • 5-octave extended range
  • Tunable note range from Low C-1 bass notes up to G-5
  • Incorporates a Kevin Spears custom tuning which allows player to polyphonically play bass and melody simultaneously
  • Reinforced side walls for playing percussive rhythms on the instrument
  • Designed for great tone whether as an acoustic or electric instrument
  • Built in EQ with standard 1/4 inch jack

Note: The unit is switched ON by plugging audio cable into jack. To preserve battery life, when not in use, do not leave the cable plugged in. Unit has a pre-amp and if left plugged in, the battery power will drain.


Weight & Size

Item Weight: 1.45 lbs.
Item Length: 9 Inches
Item Height: .5 Inches
Item Width: 6 Inches
Origin: PK
UPC: 844731058875
Packed Weight: 2 lbs.
Ship Weight: 2.05 lbs.
Ship Length: 12 Inches
Ship Height: 9 Inches
Ship Width: 5 Inches