Jamie Forney - Voice Teacher

Jamie Forney is a musician and classroom teacher who has recently settled in Newark, Delaware with her new husband. She just graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Music in Choral/General Music Education and will begin teaching at Henry B. du Pont Middle School.

Jamie is thrilled to share diverse types of musical experiences with students of all ages, having excelled in various musical arenas herself. Jamie is highly qualified in the areas of classical and contemporary voice and piano, and she also brings a plethora of other contemporary music offerings such as songwriting, a cappella arranging, music production, and ukulele.

Jamie’s music philosophy is to incite lifelong musical curiosity and passion in every student. In a world where most people insist on their musical inability, Jamie is excited to provide students with an individualized, comprehensive music education that will equip students to enter into musical discussions and endeavors with confidence.