Hand made gong stand constructed of walnut. Hold up to a 26" gong. 26" - 28 1/2" horizontal opening and 26" - 28" vertical opening.

Gongs are sold separately.



Our product codes ending in "-1(S)" or "-2(S)" are blemished. These products are new and unused with superficial blemishes that may include, blisters in the finish, scratches, dents, stains, discoloration, rust or pitting on metals, imperfect glazes, non-structural repairs such as putty in nail holes, or other surface marks. A "-1(S)" product has minor blemishes and a "-2(S)" product has moderate blemishes and/or minor repairs. The irregularity does not affect the playability or sound quality of the instrument.

Product codes ending in "-3(S)" and "-4(S)" are also new and unused, but came to us needing repairs. If it's a "-3(S)," the product has been repaired, but if it's a "-4(S)," it will still require significant repairs when received by the customer.

Our product codes ending in "PROP" are unable to be played and are for display purposes only.

Please note: For safety during shipping, we don't tune our string instruments before sending to customers.


Weight & Size

Item Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Item Length: 33.5 Inches
Item Height: 31.3 Inches
Item Width: 5.25 Inches
Origin: PK
UPC: 844731065651
Packed Weight: 14 lbs.
Ship Weight: 14 lbs.
Ship Length: 35 Inches
Ship Height: 10 Inches
Ship Width: 10 Inches